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Ho Ho Ho! The big mans in town!.

New for 2022 our Santa's Grotto is available to book between the 26th November - 24th December. Be greeted by Santa's Elves who are busy making presents and getting ready for the festive season, our Elves will read you a story or help you write your letter and then introduce you to Santa in his cosy chair to check if your on the naughty or nice list! As well as give you a present! Santa will of course ensure his Elves have prepared enough presents for all and cheer his best Ho Ho Ho! while you take your photos.

Get 10% off when you book a visit for before 12:30

Santa's Grotto will be open on weekends and everyday from the 17th to 24th December! We hope to see you soon!!!

Some reviews from this weekend:

"It was just perfect, The elves were warm and welcoming and clearly Santa has traveled from the North Pole to come and see Fairlop!"

- Rita, Saturday 3rd December

"It far outshone my expectations, arguably one of the best  grotto's I've been to in years"

- Jane Sunday 4th December

"This outdid harrods, it was the best Santa I've ever met! Don't change a thing"

- James Sunday 4th December

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